Grid 3 Education Licence

Take Grid 3 into the classroom with the Education Licence. If you are looking to use Grid 3 on 20 or more devices, the Education Licence lets you manage grids, users and access methods centrally and share resources across your classroom.

Phonics for All

Phonics for All is a reading and spelling programme that supports users of AAC who are learning to read and write.

The scheme teaches the key sounds that make up the English language, and enables students to sound out words – an important part of language development.

Look to Learn

With over 60 specially created activities, our Look to Learn is a motivating and fun way to get started with eye gaze technology.

Every activity has been developed in consultation with teachers, therapists and hundreds of children to improve access and choice making skills.

Download the free trial now to try a selection of the activities

Grid 3 Interactive Learning

Our Grid 3 software contains over 30 activities, specifically designed for children that are starting out with assistive technology.

Everything is built in Grid 3 and can be tailored to suit individuals’ needs, so you can edit the number of choices and size of target.

All activities fall under one of four key areas of learning: cause and effect, visual scenes, choice making and challenges. Each activity links to ready-made communication grids so you can introduce AAC whilst having fun!

First Words

First Words is an exciting and engaging resource for children at the very beginning of their communication journey.

Available for free for all Grid 3 users.